10,000 for one month (2 sessions a week)

  • Presentation Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Public Speaking
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Presentation Skills

It is very important to be able to present your idea to the audience in an effective way. At #UpsurgePersona we help you work on your presentation skills by transforming your nervous energy into enthusiasm. We will be guiding you in interacting with your audience and delivering an effective presentation.


Improved professionalism
Team impact
Addressing audience
Ability to sell/convince

Communication Skills

Communication is the heart of your personality. The way you communicate defines your attitude and behavior. At #UpsurgePersona we strive for excellence in terms of communication. The program focuses on improvised spoken English and written communication. Also, not just English, but we will also be helping with the basics of the form of communication skills required for you being a professional.


Improved professional image
Increase in self confidence
Volume and clarity
Builds attitude & aptitude

Public Speaking
While speaking in front of a huge audience, nervousness is normal. With practice, preparation and by knowing your audience, the matter of speech develops. At #UpsurgePersona we help you build confidence to attain your purpose with the speech and grab attention from beginning to the end. Let Your Personality Come Through.

Improved performance skills
Helps in vocabulary & speech fluency
More confidence and responsibility for the impact of the speech
Overcome fear of impromptu or spontaneous speaking challenges
Builds high self-esteem