5,000 for one month (2 sessions a week)

  • Mock Interviews
  • Group Discussions
  • Resume Writing
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Mock Test

With the agenda of building confidence for a job interview session, we will even be conducting mock interviews. At #UpsurgePersona we will have a panel of experienced professionals that will be taking your interview and provide you tips at the end of it for improvements.


Helps boost confidence for interview
Improved body language
Practice makes perfect!

Group Discussions

In a group discussion wherein a group of people participate in sharing their views about a particular topic. At #UpsurgePersona we will guide you to take initiative and develop leadership skills to standout of the group. A person needs to understand group dynamics and needs to have logical ability and analytical skills.


Ability to speak your mind
Analytical skills
Improved listening & confidence
Divergent thinking
Team building & interpersonal skills

Resume Writing

Your resume is a way of presenting yourself while applying for a job position in the corporate world. Hence it is supposed to be a replication of your skills, experience and achievements. At #UpsurgePerson, we will be guiding you to write a resume which is crisp and to the point and also which will serve the exact purpose of its creation.


Helps in highlighting skill set
Building standard professionalized resume
Brief and crisp description of your experience